Welcome to The Work Project.

Can we take ourselves outside the usual structures of work and still make a living?

As a frustrated worker, I decided to rethink my relationship with work and do an experiment… where I’m the subject.

Partly for myself, but mostly in the hope I could start to understand why so many of us perpetually go through the motions – and the effect that has on us.

I want to understand the structures we put around work, what it is, how it affects us. I want to investigate the past and present of work, while looking into the eyes of its future. I also want to discover and share how we can make it better, for everyone. We spend a lot of time at work, after all.

As of day 1, I made myself unemployed and had nothing lined up but an open mind and enough money in the bank to last around one month. That’s where the adventure started…

A New Journey Into Work.


A constantly evolving experiment on the concept of work and its effects on us all, with myself as the subject.


To see if there’s a way to make work better for everyone and productively rethink our relationship with it.


By removing myself from the usual structures of employment and finding an alternative way to make a living.

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  • Getting from A to B: The Work Project 2.0

    The Work Project has reached the point where it has to iterate. It needs to be turned up to eleven. There are some major changes coming and it’s time to share them.

  • Call for Contributions: Share Your Work Stories.

    I’d like to collect perspectives on work in the form of guest blogs and contributions on The Work Project site. If you know of anyone who has an interesting story to share, please send them my way… Although alternative perspectives are the cornerstone of this, it isn’t just about digital nomads or those out there […]

  • New Brand You.

    What’s the difference between running a business and taking responsibility for your own career? Very little! It’s a question of perspective. It’s time to stop coaching people on traditional views of a career (get job, keep job, get promoted/ headhunted, repeat to fade) and start taking a more proactive look at what we all need […]

  • #6WordWork – A Creative Project for Us All!

    Launching a new creative project where everyone can play a part! Earlier in the year, I asked a selection of people a question (what is work?) and filmed their responses. It was really insightful and although some clear patterns emerged, everyone had their own personal definition of ‘work’. To take that spirit and open it […]

About Me.

Who I am and how I came to do this!

My life in work started with a newspaper delivery round and has since taken in journalism, management, business ownership, startups, recruitment, Scotch Eggs, Little Chef, event organising, bar work and more. I’ve laboured on building sites, made hospital cabinets in factories, presented in boardrooms and travelled to assignments on aeroplanes.

I’ve seen variety and at times I’ve worked hard. For every worker I’ve encountered with a motivated smile, there have been 10 frowning miserably. I’ve become fascinated with ‘work’ as a concept, but –like many- I haven’t always enjoyed working.

All the way through, I’ve had a feeling that having a defined career path or a ‘normal job’ aren’t the only options. I’m taking this as a chance to explore that notion, see what happens and connect it with the people and organisations who could benefit from completely rethinking their relationship with work.

I have four young children to feed, so I need to make this work. Moreover, I need to show them (and many others) that compromise in work and life isn’t the only option.

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I need your help.

This experiment isn’t just about me. To make it succeed I need your input. If you can help with any of the below, please get in touch…

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I’m always open to suggestions, comments, feedback, conversations, collaborations, meeting new people and gaining new experiences!

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