5 Things You Can Do Now to Harness Your Superpowers and Make Anything Possible.

In my last thought piece, I mentioned how I’ve discovered through The Work Project that the choice to completely rethink our relationship with work exists for all of us. We can work on our terms – anything is possible.

Here are 5 things I did that helped me understand that everything I wanted to do was possible and have the confidence to go out and start taking control of that.


  1.  Create a Work Bucket List.
    Refer to that list regularly and remember it’s yours. Add to it, re-order it, adjust it. Just by having a bucket list you have something to aim for. Use it as a way to stay focused and mindful of what you want to do – and celebrate ticking things off as you achieve them!This works in exactly the same way as creating a personal bucket list. Take some time to think about absolutely every job you’d like to do in your entire working life. Write them all down in a list. As an extension, prioritise the list in order of which you’d like to do first, or map out a rough timeline on when you’d like to be doing each item.
  2. Monitor Your Happiness.    
    Happy workers are productive and successful. If you’re not happy, the opposite applies.Before starting The Work Project, I worked for six years in a business that made me unhappy. It was only after I finally realized things needed to change that I realized not only how it had affected me as a person, but my productivity, wellbeing and financial success.Keep track of your daily ratings and see any trends that emerge. If you find yourself around 1-2 for any extended period of time, you’ll know t’s time to take action. Whatever the pattern looks like, it helps to stay mindful of how you’re feeling – doing so will also help you understand what makes you happy.We overlook happiness on a day to day basis, but it’s essential to our physical and mental wellbeing. Create a simple rating system between 1 and 5, where 5 is super happy and 1 is as miserable as it gets. At the end of every working day, rate how your feeling.
  3. Read More and Act Appropriately.
    There is so much available insight on what other people have done to succeed (whatever that looks like), how they make themselves more productive, how they progress their career or how they are rethinking and rebalancing their relationship with work. Taking some time each day to read the right things, instead of being distracted by the mindless, is very powerful.Make a reading list and buy one of the books each month, follow some interesting writes or publications on Medium and be clever with Twitter, you’ll soon amass all the powerful information that you need to make anything possible and harness your superpowers. As I mentioned in the last thought piece, don’t take it all as gospel truth that you have to implement to the letter. Read, absorb, take the ideas that really appeal to you and apply them to your own circumstances.
  4. Take One Positive Action Every Single Day.
    Every positive action is a step away from what if and a step towards making if happen.Even if you’ve had a long working day, you’re exhausted and your favourite TV show is about to start, take some time to focus on what you want from work and life. Whether it’s reviewing your bucket list, monitoring your happiness, checking job listings, making a new connection, writing a plan of action or rewriting your LinkedIn profile, before you go to bed every day make sure that you’ve taken at least one positive action.
  5. Concern Yourself with Only Yourself.
    Have confidence that you’re doing the right things for the right reasons. Liberate yourself from the fear of what other people think, or expect and put yourself in a powerful position to make anything possible. Forget what everyone else is doing – make yourself happy. Don’t keep doing what makes you unhappy just because you think people expect that of you. Don’t be scared of being judged.

Bonus Tip: Face Your Fear
If you really want to make anything possible, your first task is to rethink your approach to fear. For most of us it’s restrictive and keeps us paralysed, unable to move until our working lives have passed us by. Using fear as a tool is an equally potent force for action.

Be the superhero, don’t flee the fear, stare it down and learn about yourself. Once you do that, you can use it positively to drive you forward.

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