Chasing The Bucket List… Using The Work Canvas to Make Things Happen.

As I tried to understand what The Work Project has meant for my work and what insight it could give to others, I created The Work Canvas. In the spirit of working out loud, I’m starting to work through mine and thought I’d share my work bucket list as it stands.

The Work Canvas

As with all these things, this isn’t a final list and will evolve forever, but for now, here are 5 things I really want to try. I’m also sharing what I’m going to do to make the first one happen, following the Work Canvas – partly to put it out there and partly to show you how it works. I’ve chosen the more abstract things, that are disconnected from my main network – the things I’ll have to think differently to make happen.

Bucket List

  • Present a show on BBC 6 Music.
  • Write a book and have it published.
  • Record an album and release it on vinyl.
  • Run a pub.
  • Contribute something significant to other people.

The idea is that once you know your ambitions and have created your list, you work through a cycle to plan:

Starting Point – What to do first.

Positive Actions – What to do next.

Positive Connections – Who to ask for help.

Why? – The reasons you will succeed.

These items are cyclical and in the spirit of design thinking, you can work through them in different orders, revisit or continue to cycle through them as you refine your drive to reach the goal.

Here’s what I’m going to do about item 1 on my list..

Present a Show on BBC 6 Music

6 Music is my favourite radio station. I used to present a music show on student radio when I was at University, but never followed up on it. After I graduated, I created a music magazine The V- oid and I’d love to bring the independent spirit of the magazine to the airwaves.

Starting Point – Make contact with 6 Music, keep trying until I can open a conversation.

Positive Actions – This one’s all about conversation until I can convince someone to let me present a show, even as a one-off – maybe as cover for someone. I’ll go anywhere, anytime to meet with anyone who can help me progress my cause. I’m also planning ideas for a show around the independent spirit of The V- oid and The Work Project.

Positive ConnectionsChris Hawkins of 6 Music seems like an affable man. I like his early morning show and he’s favourited a tweet or two of mine in the past. I’ll start by tweeting this article and dropping his studio email address a line. Maybe he’ll be able to advise or make an introduction. I’ll also search LinkedIn and see if I have any second level connections at 6 Music.

Why? – I’m by no means the most qualified radio presenter, but I have a little experience and some good ideas. I’m prepared to knock on doors until one opens.

That’s how this part of The Work Canvas works. It’s quite fun looking at work in this way and whether you’re after your leftfield bucket list, dream job or building a more traditional career, it helps to map out what you’re going to do to make it happen.

It also helps to talk about it… you never know who’s listening.

If you’d like to try The Work Canvas, read about it and download a printable PDF here. Please feel free to share it too, I created it so it could help people!