Five Essential Things for Mobile Workers.

I recently decided to invest in a new work bag. For the last year I’ve had a bag that just about fits my tablet, charging lead, wallet and, at push, my phone. There have been times where I’ve been caught out, unable to charge or unable to work for another reason – full of ideas and unable to output.

Here are the 5 things I’ve come to realise are essentials for mobile working.

  1. The Right Bag 
    After much time struggling with a bag that’s too small to be useful, I’ve invested in a Timbukt2 Messenger Bag. It comes with enough room and enough pockets for everything. Laptops, leads, accessories, pads – you could probably carry all of that plus enough for an overnight stay.
  2. An External Battery 
    I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been caught out – unable to find a charging point as my phone gives up the ghost. Although it takes up to 21 hours to soak up a full charge, the Swees USB holds enough to power laptops, tablets and phones for multiple charges. I got change from £25 too.
  3. Multi USB Cable 
    A small lead that has every possible USB end allows you to charge your own devices and anyone else’s – without having to carry a whole array of leads. The best part of this one is that you can usually pick these up a freebies at conferences.
  4. A Voice Recorder 
    You can probably do this with your phone, but after embarking on a music project recently, I invested in a Zoom H1 which gives great quality, instant recording. Once I had it, it quickly became invaluable for keeping voice notes, recording interviews, remembering ideas and more.
  5. The Right Devices
    I’ve been a Windows devotee for some time (controversial, I know!) but having a Microsoft Surface Pro and Lumia 930 phone has been a great combination for me. Whatever works for you, a phone and tablet or laptop is essential for the remote worker. Make sure that you have a data bundle with your phone that allows you to piggy back your other device onto it and use it as a wifi hotspot.

This could go on forever and I’d certainly make sure that things like headphones are in my bag at all times… I’d love to hear about any essential items you’ve found.