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You can book me to share insights and stories from The Work Project. I write features, speak at events and conferences across the world, create workshops and experiences for small and large groups – and I’m open to ideas.

I’ve worked with global organisations to help them unlock innovation and creativity through a better connection with their people, as well as groups of individuals looking to change their relationship with work, rethink their careers, or be inspired to get to work in the first place.

If you’re thinking of something that might contribute to The Work Project, let’s talk. Anything’s possible.

Everything good starts with a conversation. Let’s have one and see where that takes us!


Get in Touch:

T: +44 771 731 6732

Skype: Andy.Swann66

Twitter: @AndySwann

Feel free to contact me in any way that works for you. There are more Social Media links at the top and bottom of this page!

Book Me

I speak at events and conferences across the world and can also perform more creatively.

I write features on The Work Project and its insights, as well as the world of work and careers past, present and future.

Workshops and Experiences.
Creating inspiration and insight for organisations, individuals and groups in immersive, engaging ways.

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