#6WordWork – A Creative Project for Us All!

Launching a new creative project where everyone can play a part!

Earlier in the year, I asked a selection of people a question (what is work?) and filmed their responses. It was really insightful and although some clear patterns emerged, everyone had their own personal definition of ‘work’.

To take that spirit and open it up into a new creative challenge, I’m starting #6WordWork and I’d love you to be involved.

Let’s create a collection of short perspectives on work, consisting of six words.

It’s inspired by Six Word Stories, which itself was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s ‘best work’.

#6WordWork will run on Twitter and will include contributions from anyone who would like to get involved. All you need to do is create a six word perspective on work and share it on Twitter, including #6WordWork in your tweet.

You can make it as creative, or personal as you like and it doesn’t just have to be text. Why not overlay your words onto an image to add an extra dimension? Just make sure you use the hashtag, so everyone gets to see it and we can share it more widely for you.

Please share this post and get everyone you know to contribute. Everyone in the world has a perspective on work and I’d love to capture as many as possible.

Remember to use #6WordWork

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Huge thanks to Richard Martin for introducing me to #6WordStory, providing, shaping and sparking my inspiration for #6WordWork.